In 1989, plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Zarhi acquired a 60 hectare property called “Santa Cruz de Coya”. After gaining knowledge that 60 years before that same field had been very generous in growing grapes for wine production, Dr. Zarhi started his winemaking journey, replacing the apple and pear trees the property had, for Chardonnay grape vines. With time, more grape varieties would come, as well as the winery and some of the best wines produced in Chile today.


After conducting a climate and terroir study, the conditions of the vineyard are optimal for the production of top level wines. This made it very clear that Calyptra´s philosophy could not be other than producing unique, honest, exceptional wines that truly expressed its terroir. We are consistently striving for making wines that faithfully show their roots.


Our mission is to produce world renowned fine wines, using ecological cultivation practices, as well as using artisan and modern vinification processes alike that preserve the purity of the fruit.
All our wines are estate grown and bottled. Commercialize our wines internationally with wine lovers around the world, in a way sharing with them all the dedication and love put into every bottle, directly from our vineyards to your table. Like our wines, we cultivate honest, loyal, long term enduring relationships, business as well as social.

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